Kashenberg Ostrow Hayward
Library and Cultural Center

(916) 485-4143
2300 Sierra Blvd
Sacramento, CA, 95825

The KOH Board of Directors currently includes the following members: Charlotte Ballard, Andy Baron, Taliah Berger, Dwight Freund, Joann Freund, Mehrnaz Halimi, Fred Hayward, Valla Hoffman, Hy Kashenberg, Harry Lavine,  Sharyn Rich, Sheri Pearl Rosenblum, Michael Singer, Gay Tanner, and Robert Zeff.

Officers of KOH LCC include: President Mehrnaz Halimi, Vice-President Valla Hoffman, Treasurer Michael Singer, and Secretary Joann Freund.

You can contact any of the Board members at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 916-485-4143.